More concerns in Charleston after recent explosions at a nearby chemical plant. 

About a dozen people took those concerns to Wacker Chemie Friday morning through a protest at the company's driveway. 

Spelled out on signs, their concerns are clear. 

This group is worried about the safety of those who live, work and go to school near Charleston's Wacker Chemie plant. 

"I do think they have a lot more hazardous material over there than we realize and so that's scary," Sherrie Johnson said. 

Scary after three incidents at the plant prompted those in Charleston to take cover.

That's when many realized there isn't a clear plan for the community in the event of an emergency. 

"We need a siren and we need something the let us know other than telling us get in the house and turn your a/c off and close your windows. We just need somebody to let us know something," another protester said. 

Wacker issued an apology through newspaper ads on Thursday but those who live in the area say it's not enough. 

Cheree Guy would like a town hall meeting with Wacker and community leaders. 

"We want them to show up and let us ask them questions. We also want to make sure that before they start up the plant again that we have evacuation plans in order," she said. 

The chemical plant is one of several manufacturers in Bradley County and one of the county's top employers. 

Guy wants Wacker's emergency plan to mirror what other plants already have in place. 

"Olan and Bowater have been good to this community. They've helped us, they've made us feel like we're kept safe. Wacker has not. They've failed us," she said.

To keep the families who live here as safe as possible. 

Wacker released a statement regarding the protest:

"We are aware of some demonstrators outside our Charleston, TN plant. They have been provided a safe place to voice their opinions, and we respect their right to do so. At Wacker, we remain focused on the investigation of last week's incident." 

Those out here hope to have a town hall meeting within the next two weeks. 

We will keep you updated with those plans.