A new Chattanooga store sells cannabis-based products but not for reasons you would think.

"Grass roots" sells CBD which stands for Cannabidiol and while it's one of the two main compounds in marijuana, it's not illegal and is mainly used for medical purposes.

Nestled in-between a hair salon and convenience store on East M.L.K. Boulevard Grass Roots has found a home.

The legalization of medical marijuana has sparked debate with two clear sides.

As other communities wrestle with what it means for them Elisha Millan says Tennessee law is clear.

“Our products are guaranteed to be within the legal limit,” says Elisha Millan, store owner. “There is a legal limit in the state of Tennessee and that's point nine. So we never offer a guarantee that the products have absolutely zero but we do get a certificate of analyzes.”

The other compound, which is the substance that is mind-altering, is tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which is not one of the main ingredients of this medical product.

Grass Roots provides the Cannabidiol, CBD oil, which is found in marijuana plants some say it can help those looking for health benefits that comes from marijuana.

Millan, who has Crohn's disease, decided to use CBD products for her illness.

“The products have helped me to be able to be active with my daughter and not miss any of her performances and be active and engaged with my friends and family,” says Elisha Millan, store owner. 

Millan says she lost four friends, who took prescription medication to treat diseases.

She opened the shop to provide others an alternative.

“You're not really getting into the prescription game which would be unending,” says Elisha Millan, store owner. “These products help when you're having that moment of pain and it will help you get over that one point.”

Millan says she serves everyone from college students with anxiety to elderly cancer patients.

She says Chattanooga has rolled out the welcome mat, but there's a sign in her business for those who may not feel the same.

The sign reads “Language Warning: The following word are strictly prohibited: marijuana, pot, dab, weed, bong, shatter, drug test. Any reference to illegal activity is not allowed and will result in expulsion from our store. Our products are tobacco use only.”

“We don't use any of those products in this store and we make sure we are not selling for use of those products,” says Elisha Millan, store owner.