It's been just over two months since a massive fire tore through part of downtown Athens, and the rebuilding process could take years.

Take a drive through downtown Athens and you'll notice something is missing.

What is now a pile of bricks was a building from 1874, a building Jim Logan said was one of the first in McMinn County.

Logan had bought the building shortly before the July fire and was restoring it.

“We had taken this building back to the original floors, which had been covered, and they were beautiful,” Logan recalled, “They were gorgeous."

Unfortunately the floors couldn't be salvaged. The fire, and millions of gallons of water used to put it out, meant the entire building had to come down.

“The walls of the adjoining buildings were built to connect to this wall with common walls," Logan furthered.

Since the walls were all connected, the two adjacent buildings will also have to come down.

"It's just an incredibly complex engineering, cost, determination of the divisions of cost,” said Logan, “Very complex issues."

The cost of rebuilding all three structures is unknown right now. However, Logan said it will cost close to a million dollars just to rebuild his, and that's without the basement.

"I can't tell you just how terrible it makes me feel,” Logan said, “How terribly frustrating, but I'm committed to, my law firm is committed to, going to Athens."

The law firm does not expect the building to be completely rebuilt for another 18-24 months. However, they are hoping to open another office in Athens until then.