Most burglars use the cover of darkness, this week's subject uses cover of foliage. He slips in, gets what he wants, then slips back out into the woods. Thanks to suveillance cameras, we know exactly what he looks like and thanks to his height and his mode of transportation, you may be very close to Crime Stoppers cash.

"To my knowledge, it's been going on for about a month," said one resident of the neighborhood around Glass Street and York Street. His hope is just one that has been victimized by the man we are looking for.

Chattanooga Police Sgt. Victor Miller describes what the crook we seen in home surveillance photos is up to. "What he's doing is going to homes that are in areas that are backing up to woods or on a dead-end street, more remote than your every day neighborhood locations," he said. "He's going into the homes by a window that the people are leaving unlocked."

It is happening not at night while the residents are sleeping, but in the daytime while they are at work. He not wasting gas money on his crimes, either, rather choosing to go green via bicycle. "The suspect is a black male; he's a light complexion," Miller explained. "He's about 6'6", so you should be able to recognize him and he's very skinny."

As you may have already put together, there is hardley anything run-of-the-mill about this case: a tall guy on a bike at  midday, cutting screens, slipping through unlocked windows...and there is more. "One thing that stands out about the suspect is, when he goes in, he's geting random things," Miller added. "He's not necessarily going to jewelry or computers and things that normally people would take in a burglary. He goes in and gets random things in different houses and then he exits pretty quickly."

"A pitbull puppy was stolen off my back porch," said our male victim, confirming Sgt. Miller's narrative.  "And, the lady next-door to me, somebody, she caught somebody trying to get into her living room window."

This man's sense of security for his family and safety for his child are shattered until the bad guy is caught. "Right now, we hear a bump in the night, like something out on the porch, like this wind that's been going on here lately, a branch falls, hits the house or something like that," he added, "I'm having to go out and, I don't own any guns or anything, so I'm having to go out, go around my house, basically with a kitchen knife to check my property and stuff. To make sure shes safe."

So, do you know the man in the photos, or have seen a tall guy on a bicycle in the Glass Farms Historic District or in East Chattanooga? Your tip can be very valuable to help round him up, restore some order to weekdays in the area, and to get reward money in your pocket. "If you're his best friend, his neighbor, his brother, call and he'll never know that you called and you'll earn a cash reward up to thousand dollars," Sgt. Miller said. 

The number: 698-3333

If you get voicemail, leave a way for Sgt. Miller to get back to you. He may have questions, but he will never ask your name or who you are.