A man was arrested in East Ridge when police heard several loud "thuds" and found a restaurant's glass door broken by a large rock.

Police discovered the glass door at the Haiku Hibachi restaurant at 5313 Ringgold Road had been smashed by the rock. 

Further investigation found a suspect hiding under a nearby semi-trailer. 

Arrested and charged was 20-year-old Desmond Powell.

Police say this M.O. (modus operandi) was similar to recent burglaries under investigation by East Ridge detectives, according to an ERPD news release.

During his interview, Powell admitted to four other business burglaries. 

Warrants will be sought for burglary and theft of the Valero convenience store, Sonny's convenience store and the East Ridge Games and Videos store. 

East Ridge police say that another warrant will be sought when they can name fourth business.