Nearly 24 hours after high winds from what used to be Hurricane Irma ripped through the Tennessee Valley, many on Signal Mountain are still without power. 

Homeowners on Dawn Street experienced some of the worst damage in our area from Monday's storms. 

High winds uprooted trees and brought down power lines. 

"I could hear the power lines doing some burning sensations or some kind of noise. They were trying to trip back on. So I knew we weren't going to have power for a long time when I heard those sounds," Paul Shoun said. 

Shoun's property, where he's lived his whole life, was spared but his neighbor's wasn't. 

A large tree stretching across Dawn Street blocked drivers from getting through. 

Up the street, crews worked to remove trees from another home and other properties nearby, giving linemen room to restore power. 

With more than 300 locations needing extensive work, EBP officials say power probably won't be restored until sometime Tuesday night. 

Leaving Shoun to figure out alternative plans until it's fixed. 

"I'm timing my refrigerator how many times I can open my door, I haven't opened it yet. But I'm going to try to get my milk and granola and then I'm leaving. I'm going to drink all the milk and then it'll be gone," he added. 

Channel 3 will keep you updated on restoration efforts.