You've seen the Ocean Spray commercials for cranberries. But what you see in videos are cranberries commercially grown, and they're usually in the northeast. Two wild cranberry bogs though are in Tennessee, and the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation confirms a bog in Polk county.

Channel 3 spoke with neighbors and they confirm a cranberry bog near Ducktown, just west of US 68.

Cranberry bogs are typically found in cooler locations. The word "bog" is Gaelic for soft and spongy. The wild bog in Polk county is located a few miles north of Ducktown.

Andrea Bishop, a Recovery Biologist with the state, confirms the bog exists but wants to remain secretive about the location.

"Since 2014, the bog just north of Ducktown is still the most far southeast cranberry bog known," says Bishop.

Bishop says the vine grows near Belcher and Brush creeks. It covers about 120 acres. This time of year it's flowering and in October the berries will begin to bud.

The site of the cranberry bog is unmarked, and trails have not been developed. The Department of Environment and Conservation plans to keep it this way.

They wish not to release the coordinates of the location to the public in order to protect and preserve the cranberries.