UPDATE: The Hamilton County Sheriff's Office is investigating a shooting that happened on Central Avenue Sunday morning involving Chattanooga police officers.

Chattanooga police said all officers who were at the scene are on administrative leave, per CPD policy.

Neighbors on Central Ave. said they were shocked to wake up to police in front of their homes.

"I'd seen a lot of police cars, and tape, and everything," recalled neighbor Dennis Appleberry.

"It's kind of scary," George Blackwell agreed.

Police said officers were responding to a call about a suspicious person.

During an interaction with the suspect officers opened fire, it's unclear if the suspect fired back or why the officers fired shots.

"Then I heard 2 shots pop up and that's when I knew this ain't good," Blackwell said recalled.
Neighbors said before the shots they heard tires screeching.
"We got up out of the house to see what was going on," Blackwell said, "Everybody couldn't believe, wow, the guy just got short right here."

The suspect's truck and a police cruiser were taken from the scene.

Both vehicles had shattered windows and bullet holes in the police cruisers windshield.

Appleberry said the truck was right in front of his home earlier Saturday night.

"I came home and I seen the truck," recalled Appleberry, "I really didn't pay no attention to it."

A startling scene that now has many neighbors on high alert.

"It is kind of scary because we've never had something happen like this in the over 7 years that I've been here," Appleberry said.

The suspect, 33-year old, Casey Jay Smith, is still undergoing treatment for wounds received from the incident. 

PREVIOUS STORY: An early morning Labor Day shooting has left one person critically injured. 

It happened just after midnight on Central Avenue. Chattanooga Police officers responded to a call regarding a suspicious person. During this interaction with a suspect, shots were fired by police officers. The suspect was taken to a local hospital with critical injuries. 

The Hamilton County District Attorney's Office assigned the lead role in investigating this incident to the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office. 

The scene was secured by the Chattanooga Police Department until investigators could arrive. 

Chattanooga Police say they will cooperate with HCSO investigators.

All Chattanooga Police officers who were on scene at the time of the shooting have been placed on administrative leave, which is per CPD police after being involved in an application of deadly force. 

This is the second officer-involved shooting in nearly three weeks. On August 14th 44-year-old David Alan Wooten from Cleveland, Tennessee was shot on Rossville Boulevard by CPD officers. The details on what lead to that shooting, have not yet been released.

This is an ongoing investigation. Stay with Channel 3 as this story develops.