The Salvation Army has about 100 mobile kitchens stationed in areas hard-hit by Harvey, helping to serve meals and provide shelter.

Chattanooga's Salvation Army team has been in Texas for about a week and Friday another team from Tennessee will join them.

As flood conditions slowly improve in parts of Texas, the Salvation Army is ramping up its efforts to feed people along the path of one of the region's most violent storms.

Record flooding in the Gulf Coast left thousands of people without the basic necessities.

Food and clean water is scarce, and many are still without power. It's why doors on mobile kitchens are flying open to feed flood victims in communities hit by the storm.

Harvey tormented the region, putting many families in distress. The Salvation Army says that's why it's sending its emotional and spiritual care teams to walk with people during this difficult time.

"People need to go through the process so that their mourning can turn into hope and their hope can turn into promise and promise can turn into communities and homes restored," says Ethan Frizzell, Nashville area commander for the Salvation Army.

The days and even each hour can be unpredictable for volunteers. As water recedes they'll move into new communities and offer their services as needed.

The Salvation Army says it's developing a long term plan to help the victims of Harvey. The organization says volunteers could be in Texas for up to a year.