UPDATE: The McKamey Animal Center employees are being deployed to St. Landry, LA to transport animals impacted by Hurricane Harvey to Chattanooga. 

Executive Director, Jamie McAloon tells Channel 3, up to thee employees will travel. 

It's still not clear how many animals they will transport.   

PREVIOUS STORY: Thousands of pets stranded in the hurricane zones of Texas and Louisiana are in need of homes.

Several national and local animal welfare agencies have reached out to shelters here in Chattanooga for help, after the Hurricane Harvey left animals homeless and animal shelters flooded and overwhelmed with lost animals.

The McKamey Animal Center agreed to send a group of employees to bring back cats and dogs to Chattanooga, but Executive Director, Jamie McAloon says they need to free up space to do that. McKamey currently houses about 430 animals. 

McAloon hopes to find temporary homes for 40 cats and dogs to make room for the Harvey animals. 

"This is peak season so the shelters that are asking for help are already at full capacity, which is our case. We're at full capacity so we're looking for help from the Chattanooga animal welfare community to help us out." 

The center is calling for people to foster a McKamey animal for just 10 days. 

"10 days can get a Harvey animal up here and get it treated and ready for spayed and neutered and out the door to adoption," said McAloon.

McKamey will take in as many cats and dogs from Texas and Louisiana as possible, especially pit bulls. McAloon says shelters there are struggling to find homes for pit pulls.

McAloon made it very clear that none of the animals being transported have owners.  

"The only animals that are shipping out at this point are animals that are available for adoption. There are no owners that are looking for them. They were already there before the floods came in."

McAloon says becoming a foster parent is a simple process that starts with an application. 

"You've got to have the right environment for them. If you have a cat you have to keep the cats indoors. On the dogs, we want to make sure that you have the means to take care of a dog; that you're not living in an apartment that doesn't allow them. There will be some questions that we will talk to them about and we can help them out with supplies if they need it."

It's not clear when or how many animals will come to Chattanooga, but the McKamey staff hopes they're welcomed with open arms. 

"Everybody wants to be down there and you can't, but we can do things up here that are going to impact those animals down there," said McAloon. 

To complete a foster application, click here

If you aren't able to foster an animal, you can still help. McKamey is accepting donated canned and dry dog and cat food, treats, toys, and bath towels.