(KTAL/NBC News)  It's all caught on camera, August 18th surveillance video captures this woman stealing several bottles of alcohol from Thrifty Liquor, in Shreveport.

"I think that this lady needs rehab. I can't stand a thief. She obviously needed the liquor," says a Shreveport resident.

"It's hilarious to me. I'm thinking she may be an alcoholic or have some mental problems," says another Shreveport resident.

She steals not one, not two, but nine bottles of liquor, and stores them in any place she can, including the seat of her pants.

"She's just loading liquor up like she's stock piling this liquor. I think she payed for one bottle of liquor but she is definitely a thief in the liquor department," says Jim Taliaferro, Exec. Director Caddo Parish Crime Stoppers.

Crime Stoppers is actively working to figure out who this woman is... And is offering 300 dollars to anyone that comes forward with information leading to her arrest.

"We feel confident that before the day is out someone will call in and give us the information and we will get a warrant for her arrest," says Taliaferro 

When captured, the lady will face charges of theft.

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