As the moon passed in front of the sun and Chattanoogans stopped to take in the view, a few local moms were busy bringing life into the world.

Seven babies were born from 1-4 p.m. here in Chattanooga during Monday's rare solar eclipse.  Four of them were born at Erlanger East and three were born downtown. 

In addition, three more babies were born at Parkridge East Hospital either before or after the solar eclipse event.  

The baby born the closest to totality in the Tennessee Valley, was a boy named James William Cotter. 

The Cotter family is over the moon with joy. They're saving newspaper articles and already talking about astronaut themed birthdays to come.  Mom Amanda Cotter says she was induced around midnight and 14 hours later she gave birth at 2:28 p.m.  She tells Channel 3, the timing had to be fate.

"We've been arguing about which one of us he looks like," said dad Lucas Cotter.  " I'm not sure that we can tell yet, but he does look a lot like his sister did when she was born." 

Mom, Amanda agreed saying, "And she now looks like me." 

"If we're lucky, he'll follow down the same path," said Lucas. 

Proud parents, Amanda and Lucas Cotter never planned to have an eclipse birth. They say it just sort of happened that way.

"We had the windows open, we couldn't see the actual you know eclipse, but we could see it get dark and it got fairly dark," said Amanda. "There were people out on the roof of the building across the way watching, so we knew it was happening." 

When the rare solar eclipse started around 1 p.m., doctors and staff turned on the news and peeked out of the windows wearing solar glasses. Both parents say the countdown was a welcomed distraction.

 "It was a great thing for me to have so I could kind of keep my mind off of being in labor," said Amanda. 

As labor progressed, Amanda knew it would be close, but she never imagined it would be a close few minutes from totality in the Tennessee Valley. 

"We had no clue what time it was until they were like alright it's time for both the baby and the eclipse, and I was like oh okay," said Amanda. 

James William stole the show, making his appearance at 2:28 p.m/, just minutes before the solar eclipse peaked in Chattanooga at 2:32 p.m.

 "You know people say it's your second one, it will go quickly and so I was like okay I will be done and out before eclipse time and that was not the case," said Amanda. 

7 pounds, 13 ounces and perfect in every way.

"Yea he's something," said Amanda." I just think it's really cool."  

The Cotter family will go home Wednesday, they plan on letting James' six-year-old sister tell him all about his birthday when he gets older. There were two other births at Erlanger Hospital that were very close to the peak time in Chattanooga, coming in at 2:27 and 2:37 p.m. Hospital officials say James Cotter was the closest by a minute. 

Family, friends and nurses all encouraged the Cotters to name their baby something eclipse-related, but the parents said his birthday story will be special as it is.
They stuck with the name they had agreed on months ago. Channel 3 wants to wish James William Cotter a very happy birthday!