After graduating a big class of seniors, thee Walker Valley High School Mustang Band is at 258 members strong, and they are proud to hit th field this year with a show entitled "Lit."

Director Alan Hunt tells me it is a play on the word that is popular with students these days, but in their case, helps unify the playlist of tunes; songs all about light, fire, and things of that nature. He calls them 'great kids' who worked hard and happily through band camp on music that they love.

Currently, they plan to show off their skills and talents at three or four marching contests through the season. For sure, they will head down the road for A Bradley Classic at Bradley County High School in October.

The Mustang Band is known for taking amazing trips, even out of the country, but this is an off year as they prepare and build their resources for the next big travel experience.

Also, this is the school's 17th year in existence, so Mr. Hunt says, after replacing uniforms two year they are looking to replace school-owned instruments in the near future.

If you would like to help, Mr. Hunt would love to talk with you! Get him at Walker Valley High School's Main Office, or email directly: