The Marion County Warriors have been to the 2-A State Championship the last three years in a row, and they're goal this year is to make it a fourth.

The Warriors lost a lot key starters from last season, including 2017 Mr. Football, linebacker Alex Kirkendoll. But now they have an even bigger group of upperclassmen this year, with 19 seniors and 29 juniors. In fact, this rising senior class has been to the state title game in each of its three years.

Head coach Joey Mathis and his staff believe that giving kids the experience they need when they are young is key to the program's success.

"We try to roll kids during the season. So you may be in a series or out a series to create some depth so we don't have that roller coaster class where we're really good and then we drop off" says Coach Mathis. "We have starters no doubt and we have kids that didn't make us go, but everybody has a role in a position and we don't worry about who starts, we worry about who has an impact."