UPDATE: The Hamilton County Sheriff's Office led and conducted a county-wide warrant round-up on Wednesday, July 19, 2017 that led to 59 arrests.

Officials say a total of 131 warrants were served. The warrants dealt with a number of infractions, including 89 felonies and 42 misdemeanors.

One sex offender in violation of the sex offender registry was arrested. Officials say two high profile, validated gang members were also included in the 59 arrests.

Tony Acuff, one of the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office "Top 12 Most Wanted", was arrested and charged with Attempted 1st Degree Murder, 2 counts of Agg. Robbery. Aggr. Burglary, and Felony Theft and Vandalism.

Darrien Metcalf was arrested and charged with Attempted Murder, Reckless Endangerment,  Aggr. Assault, and Possession of a Firearm. 

HCSO Sheriff Jim Hammond says he hopes the round-up sends a message to the community that those who wish to break the law will eventually be caught.

Those arrested are:

Date Name DOB Charges
07/19/17 Meinert, Louana 6/18/79 Failure to appear (FTA), Driving on revoked
07/19/17 Coleman, Tori 12/1/94 Agg burg, vandalism, assault, theft of property, vandalism
07/19/17 Domino, Tyler 4/17/91 Drugs for resale - Xanax
07/19/17 Bailey, Jeremy 7/1/89 Agg. DV
07/19/17 Campbell, Tiffanie 9/10/80 Assault
07/19/17 Swafford, Nathan 01/25/199 DUI, Implied consent, Failure to maintain lane
07/19/17 Musacchio, John 8/26/83 Possession of meth, possession of paraphernalia, Possession of meth (new charge)
07/19/17 Bailes, Paul 12/22/73 Theft over 1000 (original charges)
07/19/17 Norris, Lejuane 11/29/96 DV, Driving on revoked, Failure to yield
07/19/17 Hughes, Antonio 10/14/57 DV
07/19/17 Johnson, Alando 2/16/87 Theft over 10000, Crim Tres, Agg rob, FTA
07/19/17 Martin, Anthony 4/8/83 Theft of property
07/19/17 Mills, Cardello 4/13/87 Assault
07/19/17 McCrary, Katherine 10/4/84 Felony Drug
07/19/17 Ellett, Hannah 4/18/81 Vandalism
07/19/17 Davis, Kristy 2/28/82 Probation violation, Felony theft
07/19/17 Janow, Jennifer 5/10/87 Theft over 1000
07/19/17 Hearon, Johnny 12/14/83 Probation violation, Felony theft
07/19/17 Casteel, Gerald 1/23/92 Theft over 1000, Fta x2
07/19/17 Webb, Rhonda 12/14/83 Possession of drug para, FTA
07/19/17 Carter, Jimmy 12/26/79 Violation of Community Supervision
07/19/17 Etchison, Joshua 1/28/97 Theft of property
07/19/17 Fluellen, Darian 11/12/94 Assault
07/19/17 Carpenter, Steven 12/26/81 Child Support x 3
07/19/17 Quintero, Romualdo 4/8/72 Controlled Substances x 2, paraphernalia
07/19/17 Burk, Steven 2/22/88 Violation of sex offender x2, violation community supervision
07/19/17 Dickerson, Foster 1/19/97 Possession of controlled substance
07/19/17 Scott, Brett 7/4/99 Agg assault x3, vandalism x4, reckless endangerment x4, criminal littering x4
07/19/17 Massengale, Pete 6/1/73 Agg Assault, Vandalism
07/19/17 Dodson, William 3/19/85 Probation violation
07/19/17 Hubbard, Sherman Attempted rape
07/19/17 Hobb, Ashley 3/19/83 Id theft x 7, vandalism, fraudulent credit card x2, theft of services, theft of property x 3, identity theft trafficking,
07/19/17 Craig, Henry 5/25/71 Simple assault
07/19/17 Timmonds, Lisa 7/8/71 Possession of controlled substance
07/19/17 Crowther, Tyrone 1/12/80 Driving on revoked
07/19/17 Bonds, Ladarrius 8/21/92 Agg burg, evading, contr. Sub, dv, vandalism, fta
07/19/17 Hogan, Timothy 3/3/94 Possession of marijuana
07/19/17 Bridges, Shane 7/29/85 DV
07/19/17 Payne, Nathan 8/15/73 Violation of Community Supervision
07/19/17 Brooks, Jason 12/22/80 Possession of controlled substance
07/19/17 Coker, Patrick 12/18/86 Theft over 500
07/19/17 Price, Kristen 3/6/99 Assault
07/19/17 Hancock, Brandon 12/16/89 Poss of Meth for Resale, Poss of Marijuana for Resale x2, Poss of Drug Paraphernalia x3, Poss of Firearm, Tamper w/Evidence x2, Drug Para (new charge)
07/19/17 Birt, Shontae 5/2/84 Driving on revoked, FTA
07/19/17 Metcalf, Darrien 12/5/95 Att Murder, Reck End, Agg Aslt, Poss of Firearm
07/19/17 Dodd, Christopher 7/19/83 Theft of Propertyx2, Agg Aslt, Evading, Resist, Poss of Control Sub, Revoke
07/19/17 Guffey, Jason 12/5/95 Prob Vio, Theft Rec Stolen prop, 
07/19/17 Remington, Joshua 9/17/83 Fugitive
07/19/17 Milner, Michael 6/11/90 Obtain control sub x2
07/19/17 Lee, Antwon 3/17/90 Vio Sex Offender Reg x2
07/19/17 Newson, Ivan 6/13/94 Probation Violation, Agg. Kidnapping
07/19/17 Childress, Barry 7/16/55 Driving on revoked x2, Light law
07/19/17 Harvey, Chasity 11/8/78 Forgery -FTA
07/19/17 Hampton, Christopher 12/15/88 Assult
07/19/17 Roden, Aaron 7/30/92 Burglary  Vandalism 10,000 Agg. Assult
07/19/17 Carnes, Kevn 8/23/77 Agg Assult Domestic
07/19/17 Acuff, Tony 10/17/97 Attempted 1st Degree Murder
07/19/19 Ivan Newsom 6/13/94 Prob Vio, Agg. Kidnapping 

PREVIOUS STORY: A massive warrant roundup by several local, state and federal law enforcement agencies Wednesday resulted in 59 arrests.

The operation was designed to apprehend several high priority offenders with active warrants for a variety of charges throughout Hamilton County.

Two validated gang members, a sex offender, a Top 12 Most Wanted suspect, and a man wanted for attempted murder were among those arrested.