Barbara Schild was diagnosed with cancer back in 2016.

Barbara Schild says, "The first thing it did, it took my appetite. When I go to treatment, the next few days, I don't want food."

And while she has a positive attitude, Barbara found that simple things became difficult or impossible for her to do.

Schild says, "Can't mop, run sweeper, it's just dusting seems like a minor thing, but I have to bend over."

Barbara says there a lot of things she can't do.

Housekeeping is usually never fun, but it can be overwhelming for those going through chemotherapy. Fortunately, women in our area, fighting cancer like Barbara, can now get free house cleaning services.

Crews from "Two Maids and a Mop" work with "Cleaning for a Reason," a national non-profit, who matches patients like Barbara with cleaning services, is willing to donate its services and give back to the community.

Alyssa Meyer, Two Maids and A Mop, says, "Basically, we send out a team of two with all the supplies and equipment. They are there for two hours; if the patient wants them to scrub baseboards, do dishes, even if they just want someone to sit down and play checkers."

The program provides service for four months. Women 19 years and older who are currently undergoing treatment for any type of cancer are eligible for the service. Over the past four years, Alyssa says Two Maids and a Mop has provided service for close to 50 women who are battling cancer.

Alyssa says cleaning crews consider this more than just a job, but a labor of love helping patients like Barbara have one less thing to worry about.

Alyssa Meyer says, "I believe our cleaners just get job satisfaction just coming into their homes and realizing the impact we have on their lives, really makes for a good day."

It certainly makes for a much better day, and provides Barbara with a big sense of relief.

Barbara Schild says, "I would just walk around the house and look through and think oh man I didn't have to do this."

No, she didn't. So she can just focus on her treatment and recovery.

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