It only took 40-45 MPH winds to knock dozens of trees down in one Signal Mountain neighborhood leaving many without power for nearly 12 hours. 

"It sounded like a freight train coming through," Phil O'Steen said. 

Cell phone video shows heavy rain and high winds in Brittany Williams backyard during a pop up storm on Signal Mountain, Tuesday. 

Moments after the storm cleared, she discovered this. 

"The tree was totally blocking the road, the power lines were almost down to the road," Williams said. 

The storm wasn't enough to produce any warnings but it did interrupt the evening routine for some along Middle Creek Road. 

Many tried to make the best of the situation. 

"I told them about all the trees that were down and so they ended up calling Domino's and Domino's met them somewhere and they got out of their car and walked and I saw them walking back later with pizza," Williams added. 

"We're lucky we have a generator," O'Steen said, "As soon as the electricity went off, boom. The generator kicked on."

Whether by hand or machine, many spent Wednesday cleaning up after the storm's powerful punch. 

Dozens of trees fell on one woman's property alone, but her home and vehicles remain untouched. 

Leaving her, and others, counting their blessings. 

"I'm glad the tree fell into the street and not onto the house," Williams said. 

Although some have a mess on their hands, there weren't any reports of major property damage or injuries from Tuesday's storms.