Hamilton County will no longer operate the Sequoyah Transfer Station, located at 9517 W. Ridge Trail, as of Saturday, July 29, 2017. The service was originated due to lack of private waste services for this community.  However, now that there are private trash disposal companies in this part of the county, the service is being discontinued. The Sequoyah Recycling Center, located next to the transfer station, will remain open and will continue to provide disposal services for recyclables only. 

If you choose not to contract with a private garbage service provider, garbage can be disposed of at the Birchwood landfill, located at 9327 Birchwood Pike or another approved transfer station location.

 A list of alternative stations are here:

Other Transfer Station Information:

Allied Waste (Republic)

1018 E. 38th Street


Santek Waste

1387 Wisdom Street