The City of Etowah in McMinn County is in the line of totality for the upcoming total solar eclipse. The Chamber of Commerce and local companies tell Channel 3 what they're doing gearing up for the eclipse. Festivities begin that Thursday the 17th.

"We'll have one of the NASA approved speakers come in and explain to us exactly what we're going to see, what to expect, and other unusual facts that some people don't know," says Durant Tullock with the Chamber of Commerce. 

Then that Saturday, the fun stuff for children begins. 

"We plan to have some people down to teach the kids how to moonwalk, we'll have snacks that are related, Moonpies, Milkyways, Eclipse Gum, and things to give out to the kids," says Tullock.

If the moonwalk isn't your thing, history buffs will be able to enjoy the free museum that will be open all weekend at the L & N Depot. On the day of the actual eclipse, just next door, Starr Mountain Outfitters will be joining in.

"If you see someone with our special edition eclipse shirts and if it says staff on the back, that's who to ask if you have any questions or you need help," Amy Cass Owner of Starr Mountain Outfitters tells Channel 3.

Cass says she's inviting people to join on the grounds at noon. The partial eclipse begins at 1:04pm and totality starts at 2:32 and lasts until 2:34, but the party isn't over.

At approximately 4:30-5PM live music will kick off which includes Chris Hennessy and Tyson Leamon. At approximately 9:30PM the event will end with fireworks. 

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Cass is inviting anyone to bring a hammock and 'Lay out in the Dark'. The space is limited, but there are trees and on the grounds.