We are learning more details in the officer involved shooting in Chattooga County. The GBI is investigating after Agent Caine Railey shot Devon DeShawn Ward in the abdomen.

Police said officers were speaking with Ward when he jumped out of the window of the home, which then led to a chase. Railey found Ward and wrestled him to the ground before drawing his gun.

19 year-old, Devon Ward is from the Atlanta area. Police said Ward is still at Erlanger in critical, but improving condition. Wednesday, Deputy Railey is on administrative leave pending the GBI investigation.

The GBI said it's the third officer involved shooting in the North Georgia area for 2017. One in Whitfield County and now two in Chattooga County. “It really scared me. I wish I will never see something like that again in my life,” said one neighbor.

Chattooga County Chief Deputy, Kevin Woods, said Agent Caine Railey felt threatened. “Our agent pulled his weapon and was giving verbal commands. The subject didn't comply and went for the agents gun.”

Railey is a veteran officer at the Chattooga County Sheriff's Office. He's a narcotics investigator assigned to the Lookout Mountain Judicial Circuit Drug Task Force. “Each police officer is ingrained in them is safety. Not only our safety, but also the safety of the public. It has an impact on you, when something like this occurs,” said Woods.

19 year-old, Devon Ward was being questioned by investigators for a snatch and grab that occurred earlier this week. During the chase, Agent Railey turned sideways. Pulled his weapon in toward his body. Ward made contact with him, so Railey fired his gun.

Officers gave emergency attention to keep Ward conscious until he was airlifted to the hospital. “I wish it wouldn't have happened. He should have just stopped, because I know how a mother feels. I hope he be okay,” said a witness.

Law Enforcement was at a residence in Summerville interviewing individuals regarding a snatch and grab robbery that had been reported during the previous night. Law Enforcement was speaking with the suspect,  Devon DeShawn Ward, when he bolted out from the house striking a Summerville police officer. Officers chased the suspect on foot and lost sight of him briefly. Agent Caine Railey, who was one if the officers who was at the residence, spotted him within a few minutes and again chased him on foot into an area off of Seventh Street in Summerville.

Upon Agent Railey catching the suspect they began to struggle and the suspect refused to obey the commands of the officer. After fighting with the suspect for several minutes, Agent Railey and the suspect were on their feet and Agent Railey was still attempting to secure suspect Ward as he continued to resist and fight with the Agent. Agent Railey stated he was physically exhausted so he shoved the suspect away from him and drew his service weapon ordering the suspect to stop fighting and to get on the ground. The suspect, being only feet away from Agent Railey, looked Agent Railey directly in the eyes and charged toward him reaching out toward Agent Railey's weapon as suspect Ward closed the distance gap between them. Agent Railey turned sideways and pulled his weapon in toward his body and as the suspect made contact with him he fired one round striking suspect Ward in the abdominal area. Officers provided emergency aide by placing pressure on the wound and trying to keep suspect Ward conscious until emergency medical services arrived. Agent Railey is on administrative leave as is normal protocol as the Georgia Bureau of Investigation investigates the incident. Ward is reported to be in critical but improving condition.

Please continue to pray for Agent Railey, his family, Devon Ward and his family, as well as everyone involved in this terrible, but preventable, incident.

Sheriff Mark A. Schrader

Chattooga County