July 16, 2017 marks the 2 year anniversary of the deadly terrorist attack in Chattanooga. People across the City honored the Fallen Five servicemen.

Cloudy skies hovered over ahead, but the memory of July 16, 2015 remains crystal clear.

"It's just unbelievable something like that can happen on American soil," said Marine veteran Jim Sexton.

A 21-gun salute was fired at the Lee Highway Memorial to remember Chattanooga's Fallen Five.

"It was one of the worst attacks on American soil," recalled American Legion post 95 Commander Larry Palmer.

It was an attack that shook the city to it's core.

A day many will never forget, and a day now filled with memories of 5 servicemen they will always remember.

"They wore the uniform and should be respected," Palmer said overlooking the memorial.

On the 2 year anniversary, Palmer is reminded not only of 5 fallen servicemen, but the loss of 2 good friends and brothers..

"Staff Sgt. Wyatt and Gunnery (Sgt.) Sullivan worked with us at the national cemetery burying veterans," Palmer remembered.

Just seeing memorials throughout town makes Palmer emotional. 

"Every time I drive by here and every time I drive by the new one at the RiverPark," Palmer said tearfully.

Even those who did not know the servicemen personally said their loss still hits close to home.

"It's always hard," said Sexton, "It never gets easy. Whether you know them or not. Whether you serve with them or not."

Memorials stand across the City, coins are set on graves, flags are flying, and some staked in the ground, all a reminder of 5 heroes.

"We've got to keep it close and keep it on our hearts," said Palmer.

Keeping close the memory of heroes that have fallen, but are never forgotten..

"It just hits home whenever you lose service members," said veteran Tyler Wilkerson, "Whether I've served with them or not."