Flash flood waters seeped into the Salvation Army facility in Cleveland last Saturday afternoon. The staff still had a few hours left to help people from the community who were there that day. They all had to act quickly to get the water out of the building.

"Her car's under water. The dumpster in the back is floating toward the front," is what Corps Administrator Ruthie Forgey heard on the phone when she got the call about the flooding.

The rain was falling hard and moving fast outside the building on Inman Street. Forgey says it started covering the floors in a matter of minutes.

"About a half to three quarters of an inch here in the kitchen" says Forgey. "In our large mutli-purpose room we had about a quarter to half inch, and in our storage room we had 4 to 6 inches."

This is where the most damage occurred. Portions of dry wall will have to be replaced to avoid mold and mildew contamination. Also, several hundreds of dollars worth of donations stored in a trailer had gotten soaked.

A restoration company was called. Staff and volunteers scrambled to make sure meals could be served the next day.

"We were able to get everything re-positioned well enough to actually do a carry out breakfast and bring it in and still feed our people and meet the need," adds Forgey.

The salvation army found itself on the receiving end of assistance. Forgey says homeless people who go there for help had helped her with some of the cleanup.

"We have a very strong sense of community here," states Forgey.

 Some areas were still being dried on the Fourth of July. Forgey says offers of help are still coming in on Facebook.

"We can only do what we do because of the community that's behind us," says Forgey. "We're so grateful for those calls and those prayers and those offers."

Forgey also says insurance should cover most, if not all the damage and is thankful it wasn't worse. The Salvation Army-Cleveland was closed for the holiday but will be back open to the public at 8:30 Wednesday morning. For more information about the Salvation Army visit this web site.