A Chattanooga man is the winner of the 2017 St. Jude Dream Home.

Out of the 9,500 tickets sold, Paul Belcher had the ticket chosen in a random drawing. He won the largest Chattanooga dream home yet.

Belcher received an unbelievable phone call from Channel 3's David Carroll on Sunday.

As Belcher and his family laid eyes on the St. Jude Dream Home for the first time, he started to feel overwhelmed.

"Gosh, I'm still in shock. Still in shock," Paul Belcher, the St. Jude Dream Home winner said.

The nearly 6,000 square foot home has four bedrooms, three and a half bathrooms, and some great extras.

That includes a basement, two fireplaces, a large wrap around porch, and a gorgeous back deck built for entertaining.

Before Belcher and his wife received the great news, they were taking care of their grandson.

"I thought somebody was kidding with me, but I told her, now how would they know I bought a ticket? So, I gave the phone to her," Belcher said.

They found out it wasn't a joke.

The family made a trip to the Eagle Bluff Woods community.

Running up the stairs, Belcher's grandson picked out his bedroom almost immediately. The 5 year old made himself at home.

For Belcher, the money that goes toward the St. Jude Children's Research Hospital is what matters most. He said he's supported the cause by buying a ticket for the last few years.

"Well, the house is neat, but for the cause, for the kids. There can't be no better cause," Belcher said.

This year's St. Jude Dream Home sold the most tickets ever. Through those ticket sales and donations, $970,000 will go to St. Jude.