If you're looking for a new idea for a birthday gift, how about a rug? Or a bed cover?

Believe it or not, a child will be excited to get one of those gifts and just may play with them all day.

For real.

SpinTales is one of the more unique tech products I've seen in a very long time.

Tilt, the maker of these augmented reality duvets and rugs have done something I haven't seen before.

They've taken those common bedroom textiles, added some magic and a bedtime story.

The duvet and rug are colorful but made with a unique fabric that's soft and washable.

The artwork matches a video story that plays in an app on an iPad, iPhone or Android device.

While the story is being read, the app opens the camera on the device and the child is asked to find a landmark in the artwork on the floor or bed.

Once they get the picture framed in the story on the iPad, the fabric comes alive and the story plays out with characters who appear to be sitting and walking on the bed or rug. It's amazing.

You really need to see this to get a clear understanding of just how real it looks.

If a child is sitting on the bed or rug, they're in the picture along with the characters from the story.

As the story is being read aloud in the app, the characters act out what's being read.

For example, a story about little red riding hood is played out on the screen with 'little red' walking across the bed to grandma's house and seeing the wolf.

It all seems very real and I found it to be incredibly entertaining.

The SpinTales rug and duvet are popular items on Amazon and I've found they sell out quickly.

The duvet and rug are $100 each. Play-Doh turns 60 years old this year and to celebrate, Hasbro has taken the toy enjoyed by millions into the 21st century.

Play-Doh Touch uses an iPad or mobile device to turn characters made of the clay into animated action figures.

The way I saw it demonstrated is that the character is molded out of clay on a white tile that comes with the kit.

Once I held my iPad over it and got the character into focus, it popped out off the tile and into an animated video on the iPad.

I could make the character run, jump, climb trees and giggle.

I also created another character and put it in the video as well to interact with the first creation.

I hadn't played with Play-Doh in a long long time, but I didn't want to stop playing with it now.

Play-Doh Touch comes in several options ranging in price from $16-$50.

These also sell out frequently on Amazon. Amazing technology that will wow parents (like me) and entertain kids for hours