UPDATE: Hamilton County Commissioners voted 8-1 and approved the $691 million dollar 2018 county budget Wednesday morning.

The lone dissenting vote came from District 8 Commissioner Tim Boyd, who also made a motion to delay the vote. Boyd's motion did not receive a second.

No additional finding was made available for Hamilton County Schools' priority needs. But the school system will receive about $8 million dollars in growth money from the county.

Also in the crowd at Wednesday's meeting was newly-appoint Hamilton County Board of Education Superintendent Dr. Bryan Johnson.

PREVIOUS STORY: Over the last several months, thousands of letters have been mailed to county leaders asking them to prioritize school funding. 

Tuesday morning students hand-delivered the last batch ahead of the county commission meeting on Wednesday.

By hand and in crates, students and staff from nonprofit, UnifiEd carried into the old courthouse 2,200 letters to Hamilton County’s mayor and commissioners. Inside messages asking for school funding to be a priority in Hamilton County.

It’s the final push to get attention from commissioners before they vote on the 2018 budget.

Hamilton County's Board of Education presented a balance budget to commissioners this spring that included a separate list with additional requests that UnifiEd said isn't reflected in the upcoming budget.

"The school system sent a balance budget to the county but had an addendum list of over $24,000,000 in unfunded priority needs which are not funded right now,” Natalie Cook with UnifiEd said.

UnifiEd is asking the commissioners to come up with a multiyear budget for education and develop a capital plan to address the crumbling facilities.
Cook said the $8,000,000 in the proposed budget, is growth money, not spending money and that's what she says the community wants.

County commissioners are expected to vote on the proposed budget at Wednesday’s meeting.

A rally pushing for more school funding is planned for tomorrow at 9 a.m. during the county commission meeting.