Since 2004, Stump on Sports has hosted the area's Tennessee-Georgia All-Star Game featuring top talent from both North Georgia and the Chattanooga area. This year they decided to switch things up. Instead of strictly Tennessee vs. Georgia, they divided the players from both states on each team. The result was a fantastic All-Star game.

Meigs County head coach Jason Fitzgerald was the head coach of the "Fighting Fitz's, who got on the board first. Ooltewah quarterback Colin Thurman threw a bullet to Cleveland's Skylar Davis to put them up 7-0.

But the "Fant-tastics" coached by Notre Dame head coach Charles Fant, countered on the next drive. Heritage's Corbee Wilson found Central's DJ Baxter in the endzone to tie the game.

The two teams would go up 14-14 and would eventually send it to overtime, where the Fighting Fitz's would end up victorious. Skylar Davis was the overall MVP of the night.