Have you ever wanted to go back to college and study something you've always wanted? Would you have made a great architect? Were you really meant to be a writer or neurosurgeon?

Well today is your luck day.

You can go back to school for those courses through a free app on your iPhone or iPad.

iTunes U is perhaps the best overlooked app from Apple that can give you a college education at some of the finest institutions in the world.

Hundreds of colleges and universities place some of their courses within the app and a user can sit in on lectures in the classroom.

Many of the courses are audio only but there are a good many video lectures as well so it feels as if you're sitting in the classroom.

I found full courses on engineering from M.I.T., economics at Stanford, history at Harvard and divinity courses at Duke.

At Yale University I sat in on lectures and read assignments from a Psychology 101 class. Ivy League schools are well represented along with state institutions and community colleges.

You can search by school or subject.

Apple says there are over 350,000 audio and video files available for viewing or listening within the iTunes U app.

It's quite possibly the best app for education you've never heard of or opened on an iPhone.

It is a stock Apple app so it may already be on your iPhone or iPad. If not you can download it for free in iTunes.

You can also listen and view the lectures as well as read the assignments directly in iTunes on a computer.