Channel 3 has learned new information about the TN Ready test scores.
Last week, we told you test results wouldn't be ready by the end of the school year.
Now, we're learning there's been another delay.
Questar, the test's vendor, says it's having problems with scanning software used to grade paper tests.
Hamilton County principals were notified that scores are now expected to be delivered to the state by the week of June 12th.
This isn't the first time there have been issues with TN Ready.
Last year, the servers crashed and the online test was a failure.
This year, the results were supposed to arrive in time to be included in report card grades for students, but that didn't happen.

An email sent by Hamilton County Board of Education's spokesperson to all principals on Thursday reads:

Good afternoon,

Tennessee Education Commissioner Dr. Candice McQueen informed school directors state-wide today that TNReady assessment vendor Questar has experienced challenges with the scanning software and capacity to scan testing materials; therefore, the company will not be able to meet the raw score deadlines set.

Dr. McQueen has asked Questar for updates on district-specific timing, and says the company currently estimates the scores will be delivered for the state’s upload process no later than the week of June 12.

Questar released a statement, which I have attached to this email.

The message from Dr. McQueen says she plans to meet with several groups this summer, including the TOSS Board, to come up with solutions that may prevent Tennessee testing vendors from missing the deadline set for report cards for a third year in a row. Her office promises to keep districts posted as the state receives more information.

Thank you,

Amy Katcher

Questar, the testing vendor, responded with their own statement:

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