An email scam is making the rounds in Chattanooga.

Scammers pretending to be FedEx are sending emails that appear to deliver a message from the company.

The email even uses the delivery company’s name and logo.

Most people can’t tell the email is a scam.

“Yes, it looks legit to me. It’s got the logo so it does look legit,” Russ Steward told Channel 3.

The Better Business Bureau says the scam is not unique to FedEx.

"No, not at all. Many of the phishing emails today are attached to a logo that look perfectly accurate and legit and many times they are from someone you do business with,” said Jim Winsett

If you click on the link inside the email it could take you to an unsafe website where you’re asked to share personal information.

By clicking on the link you could also download malware or ransomware that would take control of your computer.

“I've been locked up before and had to pay for the computer to be unlocked. We ended up with a new computer,” said Steward.

Experts say you should not click on any link and always make sure to look at the sender’s address which is usually the biggest clue and email is a scam.

“It's a shame that people with that kind of brain aren't doing something more productive,” said Steward.

Channel 3 contacted FedEx and a corporate spokesperson sent the following statement:

FedEx does not send unsolicited emails to customers requesting information about packages or personal information.  Any suspicious emails received should be deleted without being opened and reported to