There are dozens and dozens of fitness apps for iPhones and Android devices. Most of them track steps and miles and calories burned but there are a very few fitness apps for people who like to lift weights. Most of those have workout plans and will even play videos showing the proper technique to build muscle.

"Strong" is a bit different.

The app for iPhones and Android devices does have workout plans. Want to build up the back? Strong has a pre-built back workout. Same for biceps, triceps, chest, legs and shoulders. Add one of these workout programs to your day and the app walks you through them every step of the way.

You can also create your own workouts by adding exercises or, creating exercises that aren't listed. This is the basics of any good strength training app.

Where Strong is different is in the simple way it tracks progress. As anyone who regularly trains with weights will tell you, it's important to keep a record of how much weight you lifted and how many reps for each exercise. Sure, you can take pen and paper to the gym but who wants to fool with paperwork?

Once you begin a workout program "Strong" gives you the opportunity to log weight and reps by tapping the screen to enter the data. If you've built a workout with supersets and/or combo sets the app will forward to the next move when you finish the first. The next time you perform the routine you can easily see what you did the last time. I find that very helpful.

"Strong" works very well on the Apple Watch and that's its strength (pun intended). Rather than having to keep my iPhone next to me and the weights I can put it off to the side in a safe place and follow the routine and log the workout straight on the watch. I can't fairly describe how much I like that feature. It's easy to use and very simple to follow the routine, even for someone who has trouble reading small print.

Once I finish the workout I can take the "Strong" app on my phone to import all of the data from the watch. Once that happens all of that information gets pulled into the Apple Health app (got to complete those rings).

The app will show you how long you worked out and even how much total weight you lifted (for bragging rights I suppose).

I've created 6 workouts or routines from scratch in the app and I haven't found another fitness app that works as well for strength training.

"Strong" is a free app but it's more of a free trial as you're only able to track a limited number of workouts. For $5 you can track as many workouts as you'd like.

I'd say if you spend time lifting weights "Strong" is the app you'll find most useful. If you also use an Apple Watch I'd suggest downloading the "Strong" app before you return to the gym. It's that good.

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