President Donald Trump faces multiple investigations into charges that his 2016 campaign had ties to Russia, including the appointment this week by the Justice Department of a special counsel. As a result, some Democratic lawmakers — and a couple of Republicans — have brought up what people in Washington sometimes refer to as the "i-word."

The mentions of that word — impeachment — run the gamut from vehemence to caution. Some lawmakers, like California Democrat Maxine Waters, have vigorously demanded the president's impeachment, while others have been more restrained — raising it only as the possible outcome of a process that still has a very long way to go. And Rep. Eliot Engel of New York, among others, has encouraged Democrats to stop talking about impeachment altogether, saying the facts aren't in.

Here's a list of those who have let the word "impeachment" cross their lips.

Lawmakers Discussing Impeachment





House Members

                         Stance on Impeachment First Statement

Al Green (D)

Green made a forceful call for the impeachment of Trump on the House floor. "I rise today, Mr. Speaker, to call for the impeachment of the President of the United States of America for obstruction of justice." Read more 5-17-17

Justin Amash (R)

When asked by a reporter for The Hill if the details in former FBI director James Comey's memo would merit impeachment if they're true, Amash replied: "Yes." Amash later told NBC's Kristen Welker he had "nothing to add" to his statement. Read more 5-17-17

Eliot Engel (D)

Engel, the ranking member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, urged caution on calls for impeachment. "I don't think impeachment is the move right now," he said. "Impeachment may come down the line, but right now we need the facts." Read more 5-17-17

David Cicilline (D)

"I think that is classical obstruction of justice," he said of the allegations reportedly in Comey's memo. "And that would certainly warrant removal from office." Cicilline said he wanted to know the facts, but called for an independent prosecutor before reaching conclusions.Read more 5-17-17

Sean Maloney (D)

Maloney told MSNBC's Craig Melvin that he is worried the president attempted to kill the Flynn investigation, but stressed it's too soon to talk impeachment. "I think it's not for Democrats to be jumping to conclusions," he said. "We should get the facts." Read more 5-17-17

Adam Schiff (D)

Schiff, the vice chair of the House Intelligence Committee, said he doesn't believe people understand the severity of impeachment. "Because it's such an extraordinary and wrenching remedy, it's not something I believe that people should wish for whether you like or dislike the president." Read more 5-17-17

Jerry Nadler (D)

Nadler, a member of the House Judiciary Committee, told MSNBC it's too early to talk impeachment. "I think impeachment is an obvious possibility but we're not nearly there yet," he said. "We have to have proper investigations and I think we are going to end up with an inqury by the Judiciary Committee, which could lead to impeachment." Read more 5-17-17

Carlos Curbelo (R)

Curbelo, a Republican in a swing district, told CNN that if the allegations in Comey's memo are true, it could be grounds for impeachment. "Obstruction of justice in the case of Nixon, in the case of Clinton in the 90s, has been considered an impeachable offense," he said. "We need to see any evidence and then decide how to proceed. It may be something very serious, it may be nothing." Read more 5-16-17

Joaquin Castro (D)

"If the evidence bears out that there was obstruction of justice, I think you likely will see Congress go down the road of impeachment," Castro told MSNBC's Chris Hayes. Read more 5-16-17

Maxine Waters (D)

Waters was among the earliest to call for Trump's impeachment and has faced a backlash. "They say, 'Oh my goodness, she said the word impeachment,'" Waters said during a speech at the Center for American Progress. "We don't have to be afraid to use the word impeach. We don't have to think impeachment is out of our reach." Read more 5-16-17

Ted Deutch (D)

"Asking the FBI to drop an investigation is obstruction of justice. Obstruction of justice is an impeachable offense," Deutch tweeted.Read more 5-16-17

Nanette Barraga´n (D)

After news of Comey's memo broke, Barragan told constituents at a town hall that Trump has been reckless. "Let me tell you: Every day there's something new, the more I smell impeachment," she said. Read more 5-16-17

Frederica Wilson (D)

"He doesn't realize he is on the brink of impeachment. And people will begin to call for him to be impeached," Wilson told CBS Miami. Read more 5-16-17

Jamie Raskin (D)

A progressive firebrand, Raskin evoked impeachment days before the president's inauguration. In an interview with online outlet the Young Turks, Raskin said: "If he goes into office he refuses to divest himself, the moment that the first conflict comes up, that's going to look like an impeachable offense, at least to this professor of Constitutional law."Read more 1-18-17

John Yarmuth (D)

After Comey was fired, Yarmouth told a local news channel that while he wasn't sure there was enough to charge the president, "We're pretty close to considering impeachment." Read more 5-11-17

Tulsi Gabbard (D)

"What I am being cautious about ... is that if President Trump is impeached, the problems don't go away," Gabbard said at an April town hall. "Because then you have a Vice President Pence who becomes President Pence." Read more 4-21-17

Shelia Jackson Lee (D)

"If you do not have any proof and you've been saying this for three weeks, then you are clearly on the edge of the question of public trust and those actions can be associated with high crimes and misdemeanors for which Articles of Impeachment can be drawn," Jackson Lee said.. Read more 3-18-17

Ted Lieu (D)

Lieu told Politico that if Democrats regained the House during the 2018 midterm elections, he believed they would begin impeachment proceedings. He reiterated the statement again in February, citing a poll that said 46 percent of Americans wanted the president impeached.Read more 2-20-17


                                  Stance on Impeachment First Statement

Angus King (I)

As news broke of Comey's memo, King, an independent, told CNN that if the allegations are true, the president could potentially face impeachment. "Reluctantly, Wolf, I have to say 'yes' simply because obstruction of justice is such a serious offense." King later walked back the statement, saying, "We really need to get the facts." Read more 5-16-17

Richard Blumenthal (D)

Blumenthal told CNN that Comey's firing "may well produce impeachment proceedings," but cautioned that "we are very far from that proceeding." He later clarified that he wanted to see the investigations continue before making a judgment. Read more 5-10-17