UPDATE: Nokian Tyre is finishing production of their new North American facility in Dayton.

Communications Manager Wes Boling says they are looking for the best to join their company.

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"We want people who are passionate about making the best tires on the market and we will in turn be passionate about treating them well,” Boling said.

Boling says they have found the perfect spot for the company to grow.

"Rhea County is such an appealing place for our company. It was when we chose the location and it continues to be because, first and foremost, the people, the workforce and the people we can partner with to build our presence here,” Boling said.

This will be the company's only facility in North America. And with a new facility means new jobs.

The company is looking to hire more than 50 people by April and 150 people by end of the year.

Project Director Peter Chia says the applications are pouring in.

"We turned on the hiring process, and we already had about four hundred people that applied online,” Chia said.

Project Manager David Korda says they have more than 200 construction workers on site.

This plant is not only creating jobs within the facility, but building a stronger economy for Dayton and everyone around the Tennessee Valley.

"We have a lot of support that we need to be able to operate. So, there is all kinds of support facilities, and even hotels, restaurants and so on that will benefit everyone for sure,” Korda said.

The company is expected to start production on new tires by 2020.

Job applications are still being accepted at this time. The company is looking for people with engineering and machine operating skills.

PREVIOUS UPDATE: Nokian Tyres is finishing production of its new plant in Dayton, Tennessee.

The company is expected to begin production of their first tire in 2020.

Even though the plant is not finished, the Scandinavian company has already started hiring.

They are looking for engineers, machine operators and more.

They hope to have at least 60 positions filled by April and 150 people staffed by the end of the year.

Communications Manager Wes Boling said the strong workforce in the Tennessee Valley was the main reason they picked Dayton.

"Rhea County is such an appealing place for our company. It was when we chose the location and it continues to be because, first and foremost, the people, the workforce, and the people we can partner with to build our presence here,” Boling said.

According to company officials, over 400 people have already applied.

PREVIOUS STORY: Construction continues on Nokian Tyres first manufacturing facility in North America. The Rhea County plant is expected to produce it's first vehicle tire in the second half of 2019.

The 135-acre facility will bring 400 jobs, meaning big bucks for the Rhea County economy.

“180 million dollars coming into Rhea County,” Hans Dyhrman, Director of Marketing for Nokian Tyres, said.

Construction is underway at the $360 million Nokian Tyres facility. 

“Huge project for Rhea County, largest in my understanding that has happened here, ” Dyhrman said.

The new plant will produce four million tires annually and store up to 600,000 tires at the facility.

“When we are fully up and running, by 2020 we will employee 400 people here in Rhea County. Looking forward to join the community as we ramp up staffing,” Dyhrman explained

The hiring process will begin in the middle of 2019. Factory floor employees can expect to earn $30,000 to $40,000.

“They will vary from shop floor workers who are doing tire building, to warehouse workers, to technical and administration. Really a full spectrum of opportunity here,” Vice President of Human Resources Shayne Ingersoll said.

Late next year, recruiters with Nokian Tyres will work with local resources to find people interested in work, but until then, they suggest staying up to date online.

“Currently we are using LinkedIn and have a talent network there. People can find information about us and share their interest with us.”

We will update this story when more hiring information becomes available.

PREVIOUS STORY: Nokian Tyres will build a new tire manufacturing facility in Dayton, which will create at least 400 new jobs as part of the $360 million investment. This represents the largest foreign direct investment in Rhea County’s history, according to a news release from Governor's office.

Nokian Tyres’ new Tennessee facility will focus on manufacturing passenger, SUV and light-truck tires. The facility will produce 400 million tires annually.

Headquartered in Finland, with a North American sales office in Vermont, Nokian Tyres supplies tires for cars, trucks and special heavy machinery mainly in areas with special challenges for tire performance including snow, forests and harsh driving conditions in different seasons.

Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam said “Nokian Tyres’ decision to locate its new operations here is a tremendous win for Rhea County and our state, and we want to thank Nokian Tyers for its decision to invest in Southeast Tennessee.” 

The passage by the Tennessee Legislature last month of the IMPROVE Act, pushed by Gov. Bill Haslam, is credited for the company deciding to expand in Dayton. Nokian Tyres picked Tennessee over a competing offer in Georgia. The IMPROVE Act should save Nokian several million dollars a year in state excise and franchise taxes.

Ron Travis, the State Representative for District 31, tells Channel 3 the new venture will help with economic growth. He explained Rhea county has the second highest unemployment in the state. 

Nokian Tyres sent this statement regarding the job positions that will be offered: 

The 400 new jobs that Nokian Tyres is bringing to Dayton, TN will encompass a wide variety of positions and levels, each requiring their own unique skill set and background. The areas that we anticipate hiring for:

-          Quality Control: entry level to supervisor positions with previous tire manufacturing experience

-          Logistics: entry level to supervisor positions

-          Manufacturing: primarily entry level, with some supervisor positions

-          Shipping: primarily entry level (no prior experience necessary), with some supervisor positions

-          Building Services: primarily entry level (no prior experience necessary), with some supervisor positions

-          Administration: primarily manager and supervisor positions with previous tire manufacturing experience, but with a few entry level positions

With all of the positions, Nokian Tyres is committed to training our workforce so that we have a safe workplace and maintain our high product quality standards. We encourage people to go to www.nokiantires.com/daytonfactory to get the latest updates on the project as we have more information.

This is Nokian's first facility in North America. 

The company will begin construction on the new 830,000-square-foot facility in early 2018, and the facility is expected to be completed in 2020.