UPDATE: Channel 3 has obtained the Dayton Police Department report filed May 1 that outlines some of the information first gathered by police as Trinity Quinn went missing earlier this week.

The report in its entirety:

On Monday, May 1, 2017, Police were called to 400 Willow Drive concerning a missing juvenile.

Upon arrival, officers spoke to Stephanie Reed, the mother of Trinity Quinn She stated that Trinity did not return home from school today.

Police checked with Ronnie Janow Rhea County High School SRO and he advised that Trinity did not attend school on this date.

Mrs. Reed advised that Trinity was last seen this morning when her grandmother dropped Trinity and her brother at Rhea Central Elementary at approximately 7:00am.

While on scene officers learned that Trinity and a 28-year-old family friend Daniel Clark had been exchanging texts on a regular basis and were very close to each other. Daniel had also disappeared this morning with his family s van and had not made contact With anyone. Both subjects had their phones turned off at the time of this report

Mrs. Reed also received a test message from an ex-boyfriend of her daughter that he received from another juvenile stating the following: "Please don't say anything to anyone but she came up to me one morning told me not to be mad or cry but she will be leaving soon and that it's a guy she knows she told me she will contact me off a payphone but I don't have minutes. [XXXX] I swear if she does anything to harm herself I'll lose it."

Rhea County Deputy Cam Wilkey went to Mr. Clark's residence in Evensville and sport to Aaron and Suzanne Clark, Daniel's parents. They saw him last night around 10;00 or 11:00pm. The van was gone as well.

On Wednesday, May 3, 2017, I was notified that Daniel Clark and Trinity Quinn had been involved in a murder of a convenience stork clerk in Nashville TN. An AMBER Alert was issued by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation at approximately 9:30am. I also learned that Clark and Quinn had fled the scene and were believed to be hiding in a wooded area close to the murder scene.

At 11:30am, I was notified by Nashville Metro Police Detective Shane Stokes that Daniel Clark had been taken into custody by Metro Police. Trinity Quinn was located and found safe. Trinity's mother was contacted by Sheriff Sneed and advised that she had been found safe.

PREVIOUS STORY: Metro Nashville Police have charged Daniel Clark and 15-year old Trinity Quinn in the killing of John D. Stevens at a gas station. 

Clark and Quinn both have been charged with criminal homicide, especially aggravated robbery, and attempted auto theft.

Officials found 28-year-old, Daniel Clark and Trinity Quinn near the intersection of Old Hickory Blvd. and Charlotte Pike on Wednesday in West Nashville. The two were at the center of a state-wide Amber Alert issued Wednesday morning.

Police say a truck driver saw Trinity Quinn standing on the side of the road and told police.

Metro Nashville PD says their Special Response Team officers were able to get the two in custody. Clark and Quinn complied with orders from officials to come away from the woods and surrender to officials. Clark did have a backpack on him when captured. 

Metro Nashville Public Information Officer, Don Aaron says there is no indication that Trinity Quinn was being held against her will.

Channel 3 ran a background check on Daniel Clark and he has no criminal background and also does not own a registered weapon. 

Trinity Quinn will be booked at a juvenile detention center on charges of criminal homicide, especially aggravated robbery and attempted auto theft.

Stay with Channel 3 as this breaking story develops.  

PREVIOUS STORY: The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation has added Rhea County resident Daniel Clark to their Top 10 Most Wanted List. 

The TBI has issued an Amber Alert for missing Rhea County teen Trinity Faith Quinn. The alert was issued initially via the National Weather Service's alert system, typically used by broadcasters for severe weather warnings.

The entire text of the alert is below:

A Tennessee Amber Alert has been issued for the Dayton Police Department for Trinity Faith Quinn. 

Quinn, a 15-year old, was last seen at the Exxon Station at 6955 Charlotte Pike in Nashville, Tennessee at 10:00pm on May 2, 2017 during the commission of a robbery/homicide. 

In the surveillance video, she was seen wearing a dark shirt with a camouflage hoodie and blue jeans. 

she is in the company of Daniel Aaron Clark, who is a person of interest in the murder of the clerk at the Exxon. 

He is considered armed and dangerous. Trinity is imminent danger of bodily injury or death. 

If you encounter Quinn or Clark, please call 911 immediately.

Nashville police are currently searching for Daniel Clark, who they believe shot and killed an Exxon Clerk on Charlotte Avenue around 9:30 Tuesday night.

Clark was spotted with Trinity Quinn, the missing 15-year-old girl from Dayton, TN.  

The slain clerk has been identified as John Daniel Stevens, 58.

Clark's minivan was found in a parking lot near the gas station. The pair is believed to be on foot.

PREVIOUS STORY: Investigators are considering Trinity a "runaway" which is the reason there has been no Amber Alert issued. Though not confirmed by police, the family believes she was manipulated into leaving with Daniel Clark, and they are begging for her safe return home.

“I haven't heard from my daughter in over 36 hours. So I don't know if she is in any danger,” said Trinity’s mom, Stephanie Reed.

She isn't sure exactly what happened in front of Rhea Central Elementary School, but she knows her daughter never got on the bus. “My granny takes her to school. Takes her to Rhea Central, last place anyone saw her was when she was dropped off to go to the bus to go to the high school, but she got into a car.”

Police believe 15-year-old Trinity Quinn may be with 28-year-old Daniel Clark. Reed said Clark is a family friend, who has known Trinity since she was a baby. She said Trinity calls him "Uncle Dan".

“We know she had a crush on him. But we thought it was a teenager crush. Nothing serious.”

Trinity's best friend tells Channel 3, she knew nothing about a relationship between the two. On Sunday Trinity told her she had a doctor's appointment with her mom, and not to worry if she didn't show up for school. She now believes that was a cover up. “Got to school, not there. Text her, no reply. Haven’t heard from her since,” said Trinity’s best friend whose mother asked not to mention her name.

Reed believes this was planned. Some of her daughter's clothing and make-up are gone from her bedroom.  Officials are trying to locate the duo from cell phone activity. “We've tried. The cops have tried locating his phone but he has had his phone off since 5:30 in the morning,” said Reed.

The family believes the pair may be headed to Kentucky. But for now it is a waiting game, as the family pleads for her safe return home. “Come home, I am not going to be mad. I need my best friend,” said the friend.

“We love you. We miss you. Your brother misses you, your sister misses you. Just please come home,” said Reed.

Channel 3 reached out to Clark’s family, but our calls have not yet been returned.

PREVIOUS STORY: Police in Dayton have identified a "person of interest" in the case of missing teenager Trinity Faith Quinn.

Quinn may be in the company of 28-year-old Daniel Aaron Clark.

Clark is described as being 5'-10" tall, weighing 168 pounds, with brown hair and brown eyes.

Clark drives a brown 2000 Pontiac Montana with TN tag Y4011M.

If you have any information about Quinn's location, you're asked to call Investigator Steven Rievley with the Dayton Police Department at 423-775-3876 or 423-775-8403.

PREVIOUS STORY: Dayton police are searching for a missing teenager and they're asking for your help.

Police say 15-year-old Trinity Faith Quinn was last seen at around 7:00 a.m. Monday at Rhea Central Elementary School.

She was wearing a camouflage hoodie, blue jeans and cowgirl boots.

Quinn is described as 5'0" tall and weighs around 110 pounds with red hair and blue eyes.

If you have any information about Quinn's location, you're asked to call Investigator Steven Rievley with the Dayton Police Department at 423-775-3876 or 423-775-8403.