In a single phone call, Corey Levin went from a Chattanooga Moc, to a Tennessee Titan. The three-time All-American was drafted in sixth round by the Tennessee Titans Saturday, the 217th overall pick in the draft.

Levin watched the NFL Draft at home with his family, where on the third day he got his first phone call. Except it wasn't from the Titans. It was from the New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick. 

"It's kinda a funny story" recalls Levin. "I had been sitting in the same chair for five hours, waiting on phone calls and what not. Probably about ten minutes before the Titans called me the Patriots called me and I talked to coach Belichick. He said they were thinking about taking me with their next pick, but they ended up taking someone else. I had to use the restroom real quick and while I was using the restroom the Titans called me. I talked to Jon Robinson and Coach Mularkey and they told me they were taking me with their next pick. I came back into the room where all my family was and tried to keep it a secret from them, but they got it out of me."

Even though Levin is from Dacula, Georgia, he spends a lot of time in Nashville with his fiance and her family who live in town. Going back to Music City one day was always part of the plan.

"Eventually Nashville is where I wanted to live when my career is over, however long that might be. So to get a head start there it's just perfect. I couldn't have drawn it up any better. It definitely feels like it's meant to be and I can't wait to be a part of the Titans and a part of a NFL organization. It has always been a dream come true of mine."

At 6-5, 305 lbs, Levin can add immediate depth to the Titans' offensive line. He says he's not intimidated about the idea of protecting Tennessee quarterback Marcus Mariota, instead he welcomes it.

"Even like the smaller challenges like making the first cut and things like that, I'm ready for that. But as far as potentially being able to protect for Marcus, it's going to be great. It's not going to be too much different than what I've been doing with Jacob and Alejandro because he's a mobile quarterback and makes people look good. So I'm excited to potentially get the chance to protect for him. It's going to be great."

Levin will report to camp on May 11th and will continue to work out in his gym in Atlanta until then.