A local man is telling his side of the story, after animal control said he starved a dog to death in Hixson.  

Animal control officials say Stephen Spencer left the dog outside of his home on Princess Way about a month ago, and the dog was left in a crate without food. 

The dog later died from malnutrition. 

Spencer was arrested Wednesday and charged him with cruelty to animals. But, Spencer says he was trying to save the dog. 

"You'll be able to see where the food is, and the house is on the porch, where the house is," Spencer tells Channel 3. "It was sheltered good, fed good.  Bought new leashes to walk it with, medicine, and food."

Spencer says he had the 3-year old dog for only nine days. A friend had taken it to him to see if he could help with it. 

Spencer is due in court next month.