UPDATE: Police have identified the skeletal remains found by a dog in the area of Wesdell Lane in March. 

Cleveland Police say the remains are of Joshua Arp, a missing Cleveland man and robbery suspect.

According to a Facebook post by the Cleveland Police Department on June 30, 2016 their 911 center received a call on a reported robbery. An employees said a white man entered the store, handed a clerk a note demanding morphine pills. The man made a gesture that made it appear that he was carrying a weapon. The clerk gave the man the morphine pills and fled the scene. Police released the suspect's photo to media. On the same day, the family of Joshua Arp reported him missing. Family members also identified Arp as the suspect of the robbery.

Police say during the months following the robbery they followed up on several leads locating and arresting Joshua Arp, but were unsuccessful. 

On March 29th Cleveland Police responded to the area of Wesdell Lane in reference to human remains being found. The bones recovered were sent to Knoxville Forensic Center for an autopsy. Detectives say due to the location of the bones, clothing discovered and evidence at the scene, it was suspected that the bones were of robbery suspect, Joshua Arp. 

Cleveland Police contacted the Tennessee Department of Correction and obtained the dental records of Joshua Arp. Those records were sent to the Knoxville Forensic Center to help with the remains found on Wesdell Lane. 

The Cleveland Police received the autopsy report from Knoxville Forensic Center on May 16th. The report confirmed the bones were from Joshua Arp. No foul play or trauma is suspected. The cause of death was ruled as morphine overdose, manner as suicide. 

PREVIOUS STORY: A dog unearthed human remains early Wednesday morning, bringing a human skull back home to his owner’s garage on Wesdell Lane in Cleveland.

Cleveland police say were able to determine the original location of the skull in a wooded area and began an exhaustive search there and on nearby Glenmore Drive.

Investigators found additional human remains, which were documented and collected.

Another concentration of human remains was located in and around the dog kennel in the back yard of 3101 Wesdell Lane.  

Police also documented and collected remains at this location as well.

The remains were turned over to the Bradley County Medical Examiner’s Office and will be taken to the forensic center in Knoxville to attempt a positive identification since no identification could be located at either of the scenes.