We are learning more about a LaFayette High School principal's past.

Walker County School Board members voted to not to renew Michael Culberson's contract last week, but wouldn't give a reason as to why. 

Channel 3 has obtained Culberson's personnel files, which are providing new insight. Those files say he "forged" several emails from employees in September of 2016. 

The incident report claims Assistant Principal Debbie King and Guidance Counsellor Ericka Black sent e-mails complaining about Julie Portwood, a mission support specialist at the high school. 

The e-mail thread expressed concerns of Portwood changing students' schedules and allowing some to take online classes.

The report claims Culberson then took those e-mails and altered them, adding several paragraphs, and then forwarded the messages to Superintendent Damon Raines.
In Culberson's alterations of Debbie King's e-mail, he says Portwood created a "hostile" work environment and constantly upset students and employees. 

Culberson also claimed Portwood left work every day at two o'clock.

Culberson released a statement to Channel 3 in connection to the forging allegations:

"Thank you for reaching out to me regarding the discrepancy of the alleged "forged" emails. Sorry, but at this time I am unable to comment on this ongoing situation."