UPDATE: CORYDON, IN (WAVE) - The mystery of why Cracker Barrel fired "Brad's wife" will remain such for now. But Brad himself cleared up a couple of things about this viral story Friday.

First, the backstory.

People all over the world have been demanding answers after the Harrison County, Indiana man publicly asked the restaurant chain why his wife Nanette was let go from her job at the Cracker Barrel in Corydon. 

It's really nobody's business, other than Brad's, his wife's and Cracker Barrel's, and legally, the company can't divulge information to the public about about a personnel matter. Nevertheless, the hashtags #BradsWife, #JusticeForBradsWife, #BradsWifeMatters and others went viral after Brad Byrd, of Milltown, Indiana, posted on the restaurant chain's Facebook page, "Why did you fire my wife?"

Byrd subsequently posted a one-star Facebook review of the Corydon location, which read, "You fired my wife after 11 years. That was not very nice. She is a good person and it really makes me sad that she is hurt." 

Byrd claimed in other posts that Cracker Barrel has not offered an explanation for Nanette's termination. That's not sitting well with the thousands of people in this country and others who began trolling the chain's social media sites after reading Byrd's posts. They've been writing mostly tongue-in-cheek comments like, "We tried to go to Cracker Barrel for lunch today but as soon as we got inside my daughter asked 'Where's Brad's wife?' She cried herself to sleep tonight."

It has been reported on social media that Nanette Byrd's termination happened on Brad's birthday. One commenter from Great Britain didn't appreciate the alleged timing.

It has been reported on social media that Nanette Byrd's termination happened on Brad's birthday. NBC affiliate WAVE 3 News reporter Katie Bauer caught up with Brad Byrd Friday, and he said his wife was fired February 27, which is not his birthday.

One social media commenter from Great Britain didn't know that and didn't appreciate the alleged timing of Nanette's termination, which is evident by one of his hashtags.

"I live in the UK & I was going to come to New Hampshire & try your breakfast," the person wrote, "but now the UK want (sic) to know why you fired Brad's wife ... #JusticeForBradsWife, #UKStandsWithBradsWife #OnHisBirthdayNoLess."

"You won't have many pecans on the salads because Brad's wife was terminated," another poster mused. "Who's going to crack open all of the pecans now? #BradsWifeMatters"

Someone even changed the Cracker Barrel Wikipedia entry to read, "Number of employees: 70,000, minus Brad's wife." It has since been changed back.

And a change.org petition demanding "justice for Brad's wife" (as well as answers) has more than 15,000 signatures.

Brad Byrd said the international attention has been overwhelming, but he appreciates the support. He said he has been able to laugh at some of the comments, hashtags and even songs that people have posted.

He issued a statement Friday, which reads, "The Corydon location had nothing to do with this. If people want to question or comment, please reach out to corporate. The employees of the Corydon location are good people and like family. As it goes along, we may be able to say more, but right now, we can't say anything about what happened and why."

Byrd said Cracker Barrel still hasn't told him or his wife why she was fired, and the company hasn't responded to requests for a statement on the matter.

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