Chattanooga Police captured dozens of wanted gang members Wednesday throughout the city and Channel 3 was there as one suspect was put in handcuffs and taken into custody.     

Chattanooga Police teamed up with state, federal and other local law enforcement to execute this round-up violent offenders wanted on outstanding warrants. 

"We pulled all the gang warrants that we had that are validated gang members," said Investigator Tim Pickard. "We've researched addresses and stuff to come up with the best possible addresses we could find"

Teams of undercover officers scattered across the city, looking for wanted gang members.

Channel 3 joined Investigator Tim Pickard and his fugitive team as they went after a man wanted for aggravated robbery. 

"Troy Timmus is a white male, his nick-name is 6'9 'cause he's six foot nine. Pretty large white guy but he's also a gang member," Investigator Pickard said, "He's wanted for a robbery that happened a couple of months ago in Hixson at a motel where he robbed another individual of money."

Police announced a $500 reward for Troy Timmus on Tuesday. Hours later, a tip came in with information on where he might be hiding.

"I say he probably stayed here, he seen all the police out from earlier and he doesn't want to stick his head out," Inv. Pickard said as he was sitting outside the home. 

Undercover units surrounded the house in question and waited until police confirmed Timmus was inside.

Once officers were given the green light, they grabbed their gear and jumped into action, prepared for anything.
As armed officers were surrounding the home, Timmus surrendered peacefully. Drugs, money, and a gun were also found inside and police took a second suspect into custody.

 After Timmus was taken away,  Inv. Pickard and his team went looking for the next suspect.

"What we love is when people turn themselves in. That makes it the best and the safest for everybody," Pickard said. 

Police searched for more than 200 suspects during this day-long round up and typically an operation like this only happens two or three times a year.

Full results of the warrant round-up are expected to be released by the police department Thursday afternoon.

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