Two Alabama high school students, smelling of marijuana smoke, caught the attention of school officials Wednesday.

A teacher at Collinsville High School smelled a strong smell on the two students as they walked into her classroom, and alerted the school's principal, assistant principal and the School Resource Officer. 

The students were called to the Principals office for questioning and discovered that another student drove one the students to school. 

That student was called to the office for questioning and was asked to agree to a search of his car, which the student declined

DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office K-9 Marianna and handler Deputy Akins were called to the school, where K-9 Marianna alerted to the vehicle. 

The search resulted in an unsmoked marijuana cigarette, a partially smoked marijuana cigarette, an empty bottle of Scotch whiskey, rolling papers, some loose marijuana and an unloaded pellet/BB pistol that resembled a real pistol. 

The parents were called and the juveniles were released to their parents pending a hearing with the Juvenile Probation Office. 

The DeKalb County Superintendent is aware of this situation. 

Sheriff Harris says “The teacher did an outstanding job on noticing the smell and alerting the assistant principal, principal and SRO. Also this is another case where our K-9’s are so important in our fight against drugs.”