While we've had a decently mild winter, this recent blast of cold weather is a good reminder that sometimes, you need to go south.

Brasstown Bald, rising 4,784 feet above sea level, is Georgia's tallest mountain. Its incredible 360 degree view allows you to see Georgia, Tennessee and the Carolinas on a clear day.

This Peach State jewel sits about 20 miles north of the popular destination town of Helen and 30 miles west of the slightly lesser known town of Clayton.

There --on most days (they are closed Mondays and Tuesdays) --  you can enter Wander North Georgia and be greeted by the smiles of the crew and by a loving yet very curious shop dog. They sell high quality t-shirts, hats and keepsakes but maybe more importantly it's giving away information about the area.

Co-owner Jake Scott says "So many people are driving through the area we wanted to make sure they knew just exactly whey we moved here."

The goal of their website is to encourage people and inspire them to get outside. Co-owner Josh Brown says "We just want you to put down your phone or computer and get out and enjoy nature the way it is meant to be."