Students at two Ringgold elementary schools are pitching in to help one of their own.

Five-year-old Layla Shook has already undergone 54 surgeries, and must travel to Utah next month for more. 

Students hosted a bake sale for Layla at Ringgold Primary School.  On sale, the candy and cookies were only fifty cents each,  but every little bit helps as medical bills pile up.  Students at Ringgold Elementary, Middle and High School have also been raising money for Layla.

Layla has come a long way, but it’s been a difficult road.  She was born with Apert Syndrome Cloverleaf Skull, a rare genetic disorder.  Her communication skills are limited, but teachers celebrate the progress she makes each day.

Layla may not be able to participate in all school activities, but to her fellow students, she’s one of them.  In fact, she holds a special place in their hearts.

She has a restricted airway, making it difficult for her to breathe, and she must use a stomach tube for nutrition.  Through it all, she has rebounded after each of her 54 surgeries with the same sunny disposition, inspiring adults and children alike.

Although a school bake sale is a small gesture, it’s another sign of the love and kindness we see in elementary students.  Anything is possible, and it’s their dream that Layla can run and play alongside them someday.

You may donate to Layla's GoFundMe account here.