The mother of a man found dead in a Dalton creek on Sunday wants to know what happened to her son.

26-year-old Colin Shropshire from LaFayette was reported missing on Friday. His body was found near Shugart Road and now she's pleading for help.

"This is not an accident guys. Please help us any way you can," Earlene Mitchell, Shropshire's mother said.

 Earlene Mitchell remembers receiving a strange call from him just a couple of days ago. After that, she never heard from him again.

"Something was not right in my son's voice. I just know something's happened," Mitchell said.

Family members told police the last time anyone spoke with the 26-year-old was on Friday. He was last seen near the area of the Cliffs Apartments.

His mother said he had been living in Dalton.

On Sunday, Dalton police said someone spotted his body in a creek near Academy Sports and Home Depot on Shugart Road, which is right across the street from the apartments.

Investigators aren't sure how he died or how long his body had been there.

"Right now, I can tell you, there was nothing obvious from what we found at the scene. We will wait for the crime lab to give us anything official that they find as far as any type of cause of death or any injuries to the body that we could not see at the scene," Capt. Chris Crossen of the Dalton Police Department.

Crossen said detectives aren't ruling anything out. They're talking with everyone who recently spoke with Shropshire to find out what happened to him.

It will take an autopsy to determine Shropshire's cause of death, but his mother believes someone else is responsible.

"I believe that in my heart. Somebody done this to him," Mitchell said.

No arrests have been made and no suspects have been identified. Police say it is still very early in the investigation.    

Anyone with any information on this incident is asked to please contact Detective Brian Shirley at 706-278-9085, dial 9 and enter extension 189.