By now you’ve seen those clever digital signs along Tennessee’s interstate highways. They have catchy phrases like "Eyes on the road, and your head out of your apps."  Or "Turn signals, the original instant messaging."

One such sign caught the eye of Jasper Elementary fourth graders, who say the state needs to clean up its grammar.

Teacher Mendy Curtis says her students are serious about spelling, grammar, and punctuation. That’s why one Tennessee interstate sign rubbed them the wrong way.  It said, “Ain’t nobody got time for wrecks. Slow down.”  It made them wonder: Why is their own state putting up a sign with bad grammar?

They decided to share their thoughts with the Tennessee Department of Transportation.  Each student wrote a letter, letting the state know they’re not happy with the choice of signs. They're awaiting a response from the state agency.

Coincidentally, the state is currently conducting a contest, soliciting more suggestions for the eye catching interstate signs. The Jasper Elementary students are fine with that, as long as they reflect Tennessee education in a positive way.