The truck driver charged in the deadly crash on I-75 in Ooltewah is in court Thursday for a motions hearing.

Channel 3 reporter Kelly McCarthy has been in the courtroom following the hearing for Benjamin Brewer, the man charged in the June 2015 crash that killed six people in a work zone at exit 10 on I-75 North.

Brewer's attorney is seeking to keep some evidence from being presented to the jury during his client's trial, scheduled for April 4th.

Chattanooga traffic investigators testified in court to describe the crash on I-75. Many of them said it was the most devastating crime scene of their careers.

"It was just debris, vehicles everywhere. It was a crazy sight," said CPD Inv. Thomas Seiter.

A sample of Brewer's blood was collected on scene. Later, it tested positive for meth.

Brewer's attorney wants to keep it out of the courtroom by questioning the way investigators collected the evidence from the scene. 

Investigators said Brewer consented to the drug test at the crash scene.

"I asked him if he would give me a blood sample to determine if anything was in his system at the time of the crash. he stated that he would give me a urine test, I stated we don't do that, we do blood draw, and he agreed and gave me a blood draw," said CPD Inv. Steve Wiertel.

Attorney Erinn O'Leary is also trying to prohibit any items collected from Brewer's semi-truck, including his cell phone, saying the search warrant was not properly obtained. 

O'Leary also wants to have this trial in a different city but the Judge said first they will try and find a fair and impartial jury in Hamilton County. 

Judge Don Poole ended the hearing, saying he will announce his decision on the motions on March 22. 

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