Large pieces of scrap metal that once sat on the top of this building are now sitting on the back of a truck and on the ground at R&R Erectors and Tennessee Roofing and Construction in Hixson.

Severe weather left a trail of damage throughout the Tennessee Valley. Heavy winds took down trees and tore off roofs, crews are now working to clean up the mess.         

"Oh yeah, it was loud, it was a boom like a bolt of lightning or something hit but it wasn't,” said Shop Forman Gerald Mullins.

But it was something else, it was the roof of their warehouse where machines are house for the two companies.

"Then all at once the wind just came in real hard and lasted for about two minutes, we heard metal flying, looked out the door and the roof was gone,” said Mullins.

The shop owner tells said the metal roof blew off, damaged cars and blocked the road until crews could remove the scrap metal.

Luckily, for the company, they had a layer of shingles under the sheet metal roof that will buy them some time until the new roof comes in.

The company said they're working with their insurance company and hope to have the repairs made within a week.