A Bradley County boy is recovering after being attacked by a dog while walking home from a friend's house. The boy's mother tells Channel 3 the dog should not have been left in the care of its owner after the attack.

"I feel pretty scared to go back to my friends," said 9-year-old Michael Wood. 

Wood has bandages on his arm after being attacked by a neighbor's dog on Friday. Michael was walking home when he says the dog charged at him.

"When I bounced my ball, he charged at me and he grabbed me on my shoulder," said Wood. "He bit me and he got me here too." 

Michael is now at home recovering from puncture wounds to his right forearm and shoulder. 

He was able to get away and run home.

"Reporter: What did you think when he was chasing after you? Wood: That I wasn't going to be able to run fast enough." 

Michael's mom contacted Channel 3 for help after learning the dog would stay in its owner's care for a required 10-day quarantine. 

"Pretty upset because I feel like justice wasn't being done," said mother Stephanie Phillips. " I mean now my son has to take antibiotics and has to live through nightmares and nothing is being done with this dog. They (dog's owners) didn't go to school to be a veterinarian, they're not licensed, they're not certified." 

Channel 3 spoke with Charleston Police Chief Johnny Stokes about the issue. He told us the Bradley County SPCA refused to take the animal. 

"We don't have a place to take the dog," said Chief Stokes. " We can't watch it here in town. It's our knowledge that they won't come out and take the dog from what we've been told, they wouldn't come out to take it to quarantine it for the 10 days."

Channel 3 contacted Bradley County SPCA officials who told us, they would take the dog but only if the police department issued the dog's owner a citation or the owner willingly surrendered the animal. 
Michael's mom has been instructed to watch out for any high fevers. She's worried about other children in the neighborhood too. 

"This is not taken lightly, this is serious and this could have been worse than what it was," said Phillips. 

Late Monday, the police chief talked to the dog's owner again. He says the owner has now voluntarily surrendered his dog to the animal shelter for the 10 day quarantine. Officials say the dog was not vaccinated and will need to be before being returned back to the owner.