The city's largest multi-genre pop culture convention, Con Nooga, celebrated its 10th anniversary over the weekend. 

Nearly 6,000 people packed the Convention Center for the three day event. Organizers believe it's the most people to ever attend the convention. 

The entertainment was never ending with 68-thousand square feet filled with vendors, selling art, books, and unique items alone. The gaming area and main stage took up about 18,000 square feet as well. 

"It's the biggest one this year and it's so good we have so many different things it's great," said volunteer, Kasey Patton. 

In honor of the convention's milestone, organizers said they had one thing in mind during the planning process; go big or go home. 

"The vendor hall [was] expanded so we had more vendors this year than we had in the past. We try to add more programming and everything so we have a little bit more stuff going on for people; little bit of everything," said Registration Director, Chris Harden. 

Harden said the event attracts lots of out of state guests, which is a plus for the city. 

"We're only here on the weekend, but most of them don't leave on Sunday; they're here for another day or two, so it gives them the chance to visit some other tourist attractions. They spend money, the city gets money."

When it comes to the costumes, many visiting characters tell Channel 3 it takes a lot of effort to create, but it's worth it. 

"On Friday I had to close pin circles on my jacket and it took like a week serve all night trying to figure out how to sew them perfectly," said Ace. "Many people have two or three different costumes for each day, so l don't know about you, but that's a lot."

Organizers have already started planning for next year's Con Nooga, one they hope even more people and characters will get to experience. 

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