The Signal Mountain community continues to look into whether they should form their own school district.

A committee consisting of former community leaders, parents, and business owners presented their findings Saturday afternoon. They say it appears Signal Mountain could create their own school district and it would be financially feasible. They mentioned students from Walden and unincorporated parts of Hamilton County would need to be included in the new school district. The group also found it would lead to better student outcomes based on academic research.

One parent on the committee says the move would help the entire county. 

"People care about the quality of schools and Hamilton County is really failing the students today. It's not just about Signal Mountain. I think it will help all the schools," said Rob Hensely, a Signal Mountain parent.

The committee says more work needs to be done to see if it's ultimately feasible to create a Signal Mountain School District. The Red Bank community is also considering the idea.