The Old East Lake Elementary building will soon be demolished. 

It has been closed since 2000, when the current school opened its doors, and now Hamilton County school board members are envisioning the future of the property. 

After voting to demolish the building last month, some of the schools alumni are sad to see it go. 

"It was a real great school. I had a lot of great times there," said East Lake alumni, J.L. Baker. 

Baker attended the school in the 1960's, and has lived across the street from the school ever since. He said the years haven't been kind to his old elementary school. 

"It's getting to looking bad because with it being empty and everything, the windows are getting broke out of it and everything I guess it's time."

The school first opened it's doors in 1926. After 74 years the outdated building closed its doors for good, and a new East Lake Elementary School was built next door. 

With little use for a building filled with peeling paint and molded walls, school board members decided to go forward with tearing down the old school.

One possible long-range plan is to build a new school for east lake's 4th and 5th graders. 

Until then, many are hoping the soon to be empty lot will be put to good use, like a community garden or park. 

Baker said it a park would be a satisfying outcome, and would make losing a monumental building a little easier to accept. 

"It'd be nice for kids to have a place to play really. I mean that would be a good place for it, beaus there's a lot of kids that live around here," said Baker. "It's bad but sometimes you gotta let it go."

Community members will be able to tour the school one last time on Wednesday, March 1st at 5:00 p.m. The demolition is set for the following day, Thursday March 2nd.